Downdraft Tables
A. Downdraft table
i. Single zone table-small tables can have a single zone to pull the oxides and fumes out of the entire table. There is one frame usually on the single zone table that holds the cutting bars. Under the frames at the bottom are slag trays that catch the slag that falls below the cutting bars. If the table gets to big, the collector gets large and expensive when pulling out of one zone. This is when a multi-zone table should be considered.
ii. Multi-zone tables-are downdraft tables that are separated into more then one zone down the length of the table. (We try to keep the zones around 24" wide or less.) Each zone has a pneumatic damper that is controlled by a valve that is tripped by the cutting machine to pull the oxides and fumes from under the cutting machine torch. This helps to keep the collector size and price down on larger tables. On wider tables we go with more than one damper across the width of the table to pull oxides and fumes from more than one location. Frames of adequate size usually sit over multiple zones to hold the cutting bars in place. The frames with cutting bars are periodically removed for access to the slag trays.
Dust Collection System Options
  • Dust Collector Complete With Exhaust Fan
  • Return Air Safety Filter
  • Thermostatically Controlled Heat Kit
  • Pneumatic Valve Kit
  • Photohelic Gauge

Downdraft Table
 Downdraft Table


Dust Collection System
 Dust Collection System


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