Water Tables
A. Water tables come in three different styles.
i. Tilt frame water table design-is a semi-automatic water table that has cutting bars resting on a solid plate pivot frame that tilts up to a 60 degree angle by overhead crane for slag to dump into slag buckets below the work surface. The slag buckets are then removed from the table to dispose of the slag. As an option, hydraulic cylinders can tilt the pivot frame. Number of frames varies with sizes of tables.
ii. Liftout frame water table design-which has frames over the entire width of the table to capture the slag that falls between the cutting bars. The liftout frames are removed from the table to periodically dispose of the slag.
iii. Economy water table design-is a tank with an air chamber for raising and lowering of water. The cutting bars span across the width of the table to support the material. The slag and dross falls down onto the top of the air chamber or into optional slag trays.
B. Options for the water tables. 
i. Automatic water level controls-automatically raise and lower the water to a set point with a flip of the switch. Standard is three levels, a high level for underwater or waters muffler cutting. Intermediate for oxyfuel or water muffler cutting and low level for loading and unloading of the table.
ii. Manual water level control-the operator must open a valve and watch the water level until it reaches a desired height, and then closes the valve.
iii. Zoned table option-there are two zoned table designs, a manual zone door that is placed in and out of table by overhead crane. With the zone door in the table operated as two or three separate zones. With the zone door out, the table operates as one large table. Also there is a pneumatic zone door that is raised and lowered with the flip of a switch. 
iv. With water muffler cutting we have an isolation valve package for multi-zone tables to pull water out of table and circulate the water back into the area that is being cut over.
v. Drag chain conveyors have been placed in tilt frame tables in place of the slag buckets. The slag is dragged out of the table into hoppers at the end of the table.
Intergrated Slag - Water Tables, Title Frame, Oxyfuel
Integrated Slag
Collection Containers
 Noise Control - Water Tables, Title Frame, Oxyfuel
Noise Control

Auto Water Level - Water Tables, Title Frame, Oxyfuel
Automatic Water Level Control

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water tables, oxyfuel, tilt frame

Water Tables, Title Frame, Oxyfuel

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